Custom Solutions

Guitar Rig Simplification

Analysis and Organization of your setup and needs. Let me reduce your setup and tear down time! Instead of unplugging all the cables from your pedal board and amp, leave it all plugged in and just disconnect the snake! This eliminates all the stress on the cable ends.

Tone shaping
Amp Mods
Boost Mod for Tube Amps

My Egnater SW45 was designed with three separate inputs. I built a switching system which allows me to get to all three inputs.

The unused input jacks hold the LED indicators quite nicely, I didn’t have to make any new holes.

I also offer:
Voiceovers and Audio
Sound Effects
Spoken Audio
Character Voices
Music and Singing


I just completed my first voiceover and sound effects project with Priro Systems, Inc

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.30.21 PMAlliterations A to Z  –  Is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices!

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