GuitarParrot – Privacy Statement

GuitarParrot requires access to your microphone, therefore it hears everything you do while the app is running, just like any other app that can tune an instrument. GuitarParrot does not record, store or save any of the streaming data that it uses to determine pitch. GuitarParrot does not collect or forward any user data to anybody, nor does it wish to. Any statistical data collected consists of how many times each level of the game has been played and the success/fail results of the gameplay. Sound Check settings are also saved on your device. Collected data and settings are erased by deleting the app. If the app is downloaded and reinstalled, there is no data retained from the previous installation, including stats. For your safety, to prevent a malicious app from possibly using the open mic stream while GuitarParrot is running, please fully close the app by wiping it out of the background screen when it is not in use. If GuitarParrot is discovered to be mishandling user data in any way, please contact support at so that corrective actions can be taken.

GuitarParrot – Credits

Game Concept, Design, Layout and Code: Dave Hineman

Platform Implementation and Direction: Steve Widom

Technology Wrangling and Hard Parts: Steve Widom

GuitarParrot Logo: James Hineman

The “You should make an App” guy: Ford Butler

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